Poliya and Gleb

So first things first… Gleb and Poliya are friends of a couple which wedding we already photographed in 2018. By their recommendation we met Poliya and Gleb. Actually the recommendation was so strong we did not even discuss our working conditions but jumped straight to the organization of the wedding day. The only unusual for us in that moment was that the wedding was planned to be a little bit far away from the seaside where we normally shoot. The small city ( or the big village I am not really sure ) of Etro Pole can be found close to Sofia huddled high in the mountains. It is very calm, beautiful and peaceful place surrounded by epic mountain hills. It was quiet a trip to go there one day before the wedding. After all I found the hotel and prepared everything so the only one thing left was to get good sleep and to get up early full with energy. Goosh I needed that energy from the very first shooting hours. As much Gleb and Poliya were sweet and romantic that much in some moments the wedding was wild and emotional. I hope you will get the same vibes as me when I was there scrolling through the gallery…

Mladen Borisov | Head Photographer and Retoucher |
Perfect Moments Photography
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