Maggie and Nasko

Maggie and Nasko are quiet funny young couple. Even though I met them for a first time almost two years ago, I still remember our meeting like it was yesterday. All the positive vibes were spreading from her and his sense of humor is the first thing that strikes you from the first “hello”. I did not have the “Art Creation Center” then when I normally meet with couples now, so we met at Endorfino – a busy but comfortable place to drink some coffee with a cake. On those meetings the schedule of the day is the very last thing that I am interested in. Normally I try to get to know the couple – how they met, what do they like, what kind of people I am going to photograph… And with them this part of the process was a breeze. They were so.. pure and in love. And also quiet crazy in their own way. This is going to be wild but also romantic wedding – I said to my self… And I was not wrong. Hope you feel the same way like I felt when I met them when you look at their wedding story…

Mladen Borisov | Head Photographer and Retoucher |
Perfect Moments Photography
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