Me and Pavel from Urban Studio Varna were running late because the first location for the photoshoot appeared to be closed for cars and we couldn’t find good and close spot to park. As we approach the hotel where we had an appointment with Denitsa we both were begging for oxygen and shade. Yes it was very hot day. When we stopped and took a look around we saw her. Beautiful young girl was waiting for us in a lovely white dress. We did not met before because we were present to her. Soon enough we realized that she feels super comfortable in front of a camera and after short chat she admit that she is actually a model. But this is not why I got so impressed by her. After a few shots in the beginning of the shoot I asked Yoanna if she wants to check how are the photos… To be sure everything is okay. She said – Oh, no let’s not interrupt the photoshoot. May be later…
Those are the words every photographer dream to hear from a model 🙂
When we decide that our job is finished here Denitsa took us to the second location where were all the closest people to her. We got some moments of intimacy between them and also some creative portraits. In the end we finished the day with many good photogrpahs and one girl… with two names – Denitsa – Yoana – the model I will always remember with her amazing attitude and natural beauty.

Mladen Borisov | Head Photographer and Retoucher |
Perfect Moments Photography
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