Wedding Storytelling

Photo + Video Promo Combo

bgn 2450 10 hours

Special offer for 2021 only! Full coverage of your wedding day - photo and video + 1 assistant for both. In total a team of 3 full with ideas and willing to make the best out of your day and to turn it to a story to remember... Overtime: 200 bgn/hour


bgn 1250 10 hours

This offer includes Photographer and Light Assistant for 10 hours in your wedding day. With a team of two you can always be sure that no time will be spend to set up a photoshoot, there will be two extra hands for some creative photography and effects by props and unpredicted situations will be better managed. Also it gives the photographer to think only about the photography part of the day. Overtime: 100 bgn / hour


bgn 1500 10 hours

This offer includes one photographer for a main storyteller and a second creative photographer which will draw the artistic curves of your wedding day. The combo one of the most desirable for most of the couples because it gives you two different independent points of view of your wedding day and you can be sure that an important moment will not be missed. Overtime: 150 bgn / hour


bgn 700 6 hours

This offer is for those couples which are planning not very long wedding day only with the most close to them people but still want to have valuable memories in the future. What we include in those six hours is strictly different from couple to couple so feel free to contact us and discuss your wedding story. Including one photographer and his camera. Overtime: 100 bgn / hour


bgn 1500 10 hours

Full artistic video coverage by 1 video operator. Including full movie of a one camera angle and a short trailer of your wedding day. If you think you need more artistic point of view only a little longer artistic trailer can be done instead of a full movie. Drone and a second operators are also available if needed. Overtime: 150bgn/hour