Bojidara and Svetloslav

I did not get the chance to shoot the wedding day of Boji and Svet, but anyway we decide to make a little photowalk after their #Wedding.
As a typical people from the sea coast one of the main objectives was to do the photoshoot near the sea. Everytime  when I got asked “Do you know some nice  beach for a photoshoot?” I have only one place in mind… The spot were Kamchia River flows into the Black Sea.
So they trusted in my favorite location and two hours before sunset we were there. And we were not alone – Rex one of their beloved dogs also was part of the photoshoot. Sometimes as a spectator but sometimes as a main star as well. The time we spent was with really happy and positive vibes. Hope you get some of them watching the next album…

Mladen Borisov | Head Photographer and Retoucher |
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